Lead Generation for Lawyers and Attorneys – Exclusive Calls Only

Chances are if you are a lawyer you’ve been approached by someone offering “lead generation” services with the promise to get you more clients. Sometimes you never really know what they are going to be doing or how these leads will come to you. Other times you’re being sold the same leads as several other lawyers only to find out that it’s just recycled contact information from old or stale prospects.


What Is Pay Per Call Marketing?

You may or may not heard of “pay per call” marketing. Simply put, instead of having lawyers worry about tracking SEO progress, paid advertising progress, etc… we just send them qualified calls. There’s no babysitting your marketing company and constantly trying to figure out what the progress is. It’s pretty simple, we send the calls and the phone rings on your end. We handle all the costs associated to incur these calls and we do all the behind the scenes work to put qualified clients into your pipeline and have them call your number. You simply answer the phone and start helping people who need legal representation. We only bill you for qualified calls that come in and we track the calls so there’s full transparency all the way around. You’ll never have a question about what we are charging you!


Here at Tower Leads we make sure that transparency is always at the forefront of any business we do.


Here’s a quick explanation of how we work with lawyers:


  • We Send You Phone Calls, Plain and Simple
  • All Phone Calls are 100% Unique to You
  • We NEVER Send The Same Lead to Other Lawyers
  • Calls are Geo Targeted to Your Specific City
  • Calls are Niche Targeted to Your Practice (DUI, PI, etc)
  • We NEVER Charge For Junk Calls (Wrong numbers, telemarketers, etc)
  • You Are Only Charged For A Valid Call
  • People Need Legal Representation, We Send Them To You
  • Calls Are Always Over 30 Seconds, Unless It’s A Voicemail
  • Voicemails Are Considered A Lead if They State Name and Number
  • No Upfront Costs Whatsoever!
  • We Only Bill You For Qualified Calls!


We are excited to start sending calls to your law firm today. If you are a single lawyer or operate in an office with multiple lawyers we can work out specifics on how you’d like things handled and where to route calls. It’s as simple as letting us know what type of calls you’d like and let us know which phone number to send the calls and we can usually be setup within 1 business day!


Give us a call at 1-866-512-7463 to get started. We keep these calls exclusive, so call now to claim your niche and city or another lawyer might come in and start receiving call before you. This is a great way to expand the amount of cases you get each month and become more successful as a lawyer.
Looking forward to speaking with you!